Compact Pressurized Solar Water Heater

Compact Pressure Solar Water Heater (MC-CP)

    1. Detailed information

    Compact Pressure Solar Water Heater (MC-CP)


    1. Vacuum tube:  Vacuum tube with copper heat pipe
    2. Inner tank:  SUS304-2B Food Class Stainless Steel, by Argon arc. Thickness 1.2±0.25mm
    3. Outer tank:  Galvanized Steel, Thickness 0.5±0.25mm.
    4. Bracket:  Galvanized Steel, Thickness 1.5±0.25mm.  
    5. Copper Heat Pipe:  Heat pipe tubes, 0.6mm thickness, and 140mm condenser. Anti-freezing function.              
    6. Insulation Thickness:  50mm                                                                                      
    7. Hail Resistance:  30mm.
    8. Working Pressure:  Normal working pressure is 6 bar, and testing pressure is 12 bar.
    9. Accessories:  Electrical Heating, Safety Valve, Magnesium Bar
    10. Packing:  In Standard Exported Carton


    1.    High pressure storage tank.
    2.    Less heat loss as compared to the non pressure model.
    3.    Highly efficient heat pipe technology.
    4.    No water introduced into vacuum tube.
    5.    No leaking problem.
    6.    Easy plug-in installation.
    7.    Freezing resistance.
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